There was a time when we thought about micro machining, watches came to our mind.  Watches had miniature gears and springs which were finest features seen around.

These days, Micromachining is the tool which enables the smart and efficiency around us.  Micromachined parts make our lives more comfortable, enable disease detection with 1 drop of blood, make our cars go another few miles per gallon and our smart phones smarter.

Our smart phones have processors, chips and sensors which are formed with micromachining techniques.

Our doctor’s office and medical diagnostics equipment is enabled by microchannels and microfludics carved by micromachining.

Our cars run more efficiently because of sensors and fuel injectors produced via micromachining.

Our lithium ion batteries charge faster and have longer lives as the electrodes are micromachined.

Our Lululemon shorts feel more comfortable because the synthetic fibers used for production have a unique structure enabling superior moisture wicking capabilities all because of a micromachined die.

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